Natural Fertility Conscious Pregnancy

Family planning workshop for couples and families. Whether you are planning to conceive or planning to space out your pregnancy or a nurturing relationship with your partner, this workshop is designed to not only help you in preparing the body to nurture a new life within but deepen couple's connection with mindful touch and understanding physiology.

Improve your chance of conception be in naturally or with assistance.

Registration and mingling starts at 3.00pm

Speakers and topics:
3.30pm - 4.00pm
Any Wee, Fertility Care Practitioner, Founder of Fertility Care
Fertility Charting
Get to know your body. Understanding some women's body signs that indicate fertility by observing cervical mucus.

4.05pm - 4.50pm
Christina Low, Creator of Tantrapath
Mindful Touch and Connection

Through Mindfulness in massage, you learn how to bring awareness to your touch to connect with, and merge with your partner in a very loving and deeper level of physical presence.

Dr. Satyam Tripathi, MD, Yoga Therapy Consultant, Director of Union Yoga Ayurveda
Preparing Optimal Health to Conceive
You will learn health of man's sperm and woman's eggs in fertility in more details and the impact on the baby's health.

Q & A session

Natural Fertility and Conscious Pregnancy
Space 2B, 2B Stanley Street Singapore 068721
Space is limited to 14 couples only
$15 per person
$25 per couple

Contact Yen at 9863 7867 or email to ChildbirthOdyssey@gmail.com

This workshop is brought to you by Childbirth Odyssey, Fertility Care, Tantrapath and Union Yoga Ayurveda.
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Sun Jul 22, 2018
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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Space 2B
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2 Stanley St, Singapore 068721 Singapore
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